Brand story

BEBELUNA Offers the Right Solution to Live a healthier and more Beautiful Life


‘Fall into elder flower’

First story

My family has been drinking the Elder Flower tea a lot since long time ago.
Especially, my husband, who drinks a lot of water like a hippopotamus, recommended my favorite tea, and now he's only drinking it.
The ElderFlower is a plant that is used as a cure-all in the West, so it's good for your health to drink.... It's a tea that you enjoy drinking with your husband every day, and it's always on the side of the kitchen.
On a spring day, a cup of light brown ElderFlower tea is also good for your health under the sun! It's a good time, right?
It is the first story that we`ve known the elder flower.


‘Fall into amazement of elder flower’

Second story

As soon as I felt comfortable, I could hear the child crying. A child who had been running and wakened up, was so ill that he could hear the sound of crying for his mother that he could be seen.
I went to the hospital because I felt sorry for the itchy child, and it was early symptoms of atopic dermatitis. They want me to do a good job of moisturizing with a prescription for steroid ointment. It`s hard to know the current reason, and also hard to cure perfectly.
After that, I rub it on my child's skin with a little of the Elderflower tea that my husband was drinking. When asked why, he said, "As the Elder Flower is good for skin troubles and colds in the West..."
I could read the love of my father's child from the words of longing.


‘live with the Elder Flower’

Third story

I checked her skin late in the afternoon after applying the tea, and the redness and irritation showed that the itch had disappeared.
After accidentally applying this to calm the itch, my husband, who is a graduate of Life Sciences, said he would study Elder Flower.
I started digging into university libraries and computers all day long looking for existing domestic and foreign theories, literature, research materials, papers, products that were made into products and more.


‘Face the elder flower, the warmth of spring’

Fourth story

And then one day after that, my husband ran into my house and talked. Why don't you make cosmetics that fit your child's skin with the ElderFlower extract?
It's easy to talk about. It's not easy to make cosmetics, but the baby daddy looks self-conscious and happy. You seem to have a lot of passion as a biotech researcher.
When I applied the car to my child, I looked at the phenomenon where the stimulation calmed down, and I felt like I wanted to feel that way when I applied the lotion made of the Elderflower to my baby.
The springtime of the Elder Flower was spreading around me.


‘Elder flower meets nature again’

Fifth story

Cosmetics that minimizes skin irritation by using Elder Flower and 'natural raw material' and 'non-magnetic material'. Because it's for our children.
"BEBELUNA" is a cosmetic made by husband`s product design and my sensibility and that makes me look like a baby's skin through verification of anti-aging ingredients. There were already many baby cosmetics on the market, but I couldn't give up after learning that there was no such thing as the effect of the ElderFlower and synergies of natural ingredients. Especially, very few products are made without water.
This is how the cosmetics for our children and the whole family were born, made from the extract of ElderFlower, not purified water.


‘Elderflower, became natural cosmetics'

Sixth story

As you can see in many stories, the relationship between the baby and the moon is beyond firewood. As you can see from the Spanish gypsies' stories about the moon and the baby It's the same story about the moon in the Korean traditional fairy tale 'Sun & Moon'.
The moon shines softly and spreads widely to protect those who walk at night, and even to see LeeTaebaek, who is intoxicated with moonlight, can't you feel that the moon is mysterious and protecting us?
Putting life into the Elderflower cosmetics with the Moon motif seems to have been very careful and difficult.
Finally, at the end of the day, we met the compound word "BEBE" for the baby and "LUNA" for the moon, and that's how BEBELUNA was born.