Guardian of my family`s skin, BEBELUNA!

Right information gives a healthy and beautiful life.

BBC Co.,Ltd is a research company that provides the right solution to live a healthier and more beautiful life.

BBC Co.,Ltd is a venture company that research and develop cosmetics and food materials based on bio-convergence technology and implement them as products.
The BBC, composed of biotech researchers and distribution experts, is always trying to respond quickly to changing times, including consumer demand, market changes, and the discovery of hypo-polar materials.


It is an eco-friendly manufacturing process based on bio-convergence technology that manufactures raw materials such as floral water, extract and fermented fruit to meet the needs of consumers and business customers.


We strive to provide beauty to our customers after screening raw materials, prescribing recipes, and testing products considering their age, skin condition, and functionality.


We want to reach our customers by developing healthcare products that improve their quality of life as well as physical health that can be consumed by people of all ages.